About Whit

Here at Illustrations by Whit, we provide you with original artwork and ideas by Whitney Miller. We’ve got a range of works to satisfy your everyday need for the silly and the beautiful.

Our mission is to provide you with products that speak to your sense of humour as well as your love of beauty. At Illustrations by Whit, we value simplicity and understand that sometimes you don’t need to be over-the-top to get your message across. We also know that sometimes the little weird things in life make our day a bit more interesting and we hope you will find that here.

Whitney Miller is an artist from The Bahamas. Whitney has been drawing comics and illustrations for over 25 years but has recently taken it professional. Though she always loved sharing her drawings with close family and friends, she had bigger dreams for where her artistic abilities could take her. However, she spent many years entertaining limiting beliefs, and she suppressed the creative forces that truly drove her and didn’t allow herself to be true to herself. Whitney soon had a vision that she couldn’t seem to shake—her sitting at a dining table in a bright, naturally-lit room, holding her infant daughter while sipping on some herbal tea, while managing her online store where she sold her artwork and customised merchandise.

She may not have any kids yet, but this visualisation is finally becoming a reality. Being able to share her work on an international scale is something she has dreamt about and is so proud that she finally had the guts to make it a reality. The biggest inspirations to Whitney’s comics and illustrations are multiculturalism, being a weirdo, her coworker, and her cat, Muffin.

Our customers value art and design and their sense of humour sets them apart from others. Our promise to our customers is to always provide original artwork in the best quality and format as possible.

If you feel like your taste is understood, then check out our various product pages for artwork and goods that we are sure will appeal to you!